Discover the best anti-varroa treatment in 2024

Varroasis, caused by the Varroa destructor mite, is a devastating disease for bees. These parasites attach to bees, weakening colonies by feeding on their hemolymph, transmitting viruses, and compromising bee health, which can lead to depopulation and hive collapse.
Choosing the right anti-varroa treatment is of vital importance for beekeepers. Inadequate treatment can cause varroa mites to become resistant to acaricides, making the situation worse. Effective treatment preserves the health of bees, promotes their productivity in terms of honey and pollination, and contributes to the survival of hives. Additionally, the use of environmentally friendly treatments is crucial for the sustainability of beekeeping. Choosing the right treatment, adapted to the situation and the evolution of the colony, is therefore essential to ensure the well-being of the bees and the success of beekeeping.


What are the symptoms and consequences of the infestation on bees
Infestation by Varroa destructor has serious symptoms and consequences on bees and colonies. Here is a description of the symptoms and consequences of Varroa infestation on bees:

Symptoms :

  1. Wing Deformation : Infested bees may have deformed wings, making them unable to fly properly.
  2. Detached Abdomen : Varroa mites often attach themselves to the abdomen of bees, sometimes causing them to detach prematurely.
  3. Slowed Growth : Larvae and nymphs of Varroa-infested bees tend to be smaller and underdeveloped.
  4. Abnormal Behavior : Infested bees may exhibit abnormal behavior, such as increased aggression or an inability to navigate properly.
  5. Less Abundance of Stored Food : Infested colonies can store less honey and pollen due to the decreased bee population.

Consequences :

  1. Colony Weakening : Varroa infestation weakens the bee colony, reducing its work force and its ability to defend itself against other diseases and predators.
  2. Depopulation : A severe infestation can lead to depopulation of the hive, as bees die prematurely or leave the hive to escape the varroa mites.
  3. Increased Susceptibility to Disease : Infested bees are more susceptible to diseases, particularly viruses transmitted by varroa mites.
  4. Reduced Honey Production : Colony weakening generally results in reduced honey production, which has a financial impact on beekeepers.
  5. Risk of Hive Death : If the infestation is not controlled, it can lead to the death of the entire hive.

It is crucial for beekeepers to regularly monitor their hives to detect and treat Varroa infestations, as this threat can quickly escalate and cause serious damage to bees and the entire colony. 

Stop Varroa: the 100% effective anti-varroa treatment

What if we told you that in one pschitt your bees would be protected from varroa mites. Stop Varroa is the ultimate solution to eradicate the parasites that swarm your hives. Organic and very easy to use, the StopVarroa treatment guarantees a 100% success rate. To do this, simply lift the frames one by one and then spray both sides with the product. In just 24 hours, the product will take effect and the varroa colony will be completely destroyed.

The product can be used in organic beekeeping, representing no danger for bees, and it provides you with protection against varroa for one year. Depending on the size and number of your hives, you have the choice between three different sizes:

  • 1 liter: 29.90 euros
  • 5 liters: 129.90 euros instead of 149.50 euros
  • 25 liters: 499.90 euros instead of 747.50 euros

For example, 1 liter of product can treat 20 hives.

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